Commission and Gallery

Persian-Hungarian Wedding

I had the happy opportunity to photograph my first wedding. The bridal shower was held at private home in Pleasanton, CA. The morning of the wedding, the bride and groom visited the Sir Francis Drake Hotel and the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco. The wedding ceremony and reception followed at the Castlewood Country Club in Pleasanton.

Projects for Forward Thinking, 2014

From “By the year 2020, we believe we will aid in forming divergent thinkers who will shape the future of innovation. By aiding and encouraging students to take control of their own education, we will create a more creative society where innovation happens. We plan to ensure our vision is embraced by students, teachers, administrators, families and other vested individuals in order to create a culture of life-long learning. We believe in a society where education again helps stimulate economic, cultural, social, and personal growth of a nation while enriching the life of the individual.”

Beyond Academia Conference, 2014

Beyond Academia is a career education conference that exposes UC Berkeley PhD students and postdocs to career options outside of academia. Panels on a variety of career tracks give attendees the opportunity to interact with successful and creative professionals, while workshops and networking events allow for discussion in an informal setting.

Art in Science: The Intersection of Image and Research, 2014

“How is science expressed through art? How do the arts inspire science? View original and intriguing images of scientific investigation, and meet the scientists and artists who created them.”

Creative Consciousness Art Show, 2013

Hosted by the Art and Science DeCal at UC Berkeley, the Creative Consciousness show aimed to foster a sense of community and interdisciplinary appreciation through exploring science through art and art through science, with applications in medicine, cartography, technology, and beyond. I showed some of my photography, but also taught visitors about neuroscience by showing them a real human brain.


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